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Who We Are
An integrated team of professionals specially trained in communication skills, family law, mental health, accounting, finances and the needs of children of all ages. Together we help separating or divorcing persons achieve a respectful and healthy transition to a better future. We can resolve even high conflict situations in a healthy manner. If you're new to collaborative law please continue to explore our web page for a more complete explanation or follow our links to other resources.

What is the Collaborative Practice?
The Collaborative Process guides divorcing couples to the best outcome. The key components of the Collaborative approach are set out in a Participation Agreement signed by everyone involved at the beginning of the process:
  • Participants commit to respectfully negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without using court to decide any issues for them.
  • Participants commit to open communication and information sharing and create shared solutions that take into account everyone's interests.
  • All the professionals and the participants agree at the outset to use their full energy to resolve the dispute and they promise to withdraw if they are unable to achieve a resolution. This ensures everyone uses their complete effort to reach a resolution and avoids wasteful preparation for a trial that never happens.
Collaborative Law describes the legal component of the Collaborative Process. A Collaborative Team usually includes other professionals, such as a counselor/communication specialist, child specialist and financial specialist, in addition to your attorneys. Collaborative Practice is a broad term and Collaborative principles can be used to solve other kinds of disputes where a continuing relationship is important.

Benefits of Collaborative Practice:
  • A respectful process
  • A healthy way to divorce
  • Identify and address the interests and concerns of each member of your family
  • Reach a mutually acceptable settlement
  • You avoid the adversarial court system
  • You maintain control over the process and outcome
  • Ensure open and honest communication
  • You have your own collaboratively trained attorney and all team members offer you support, protection and guidance from start to finish
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