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What is the role of the Child Specialist?

The child specialist has special training and experience in family systems, child development and the needs of developing children during divorce. She or he focuses on the needs of your children in the separation and divorce process and provides information about the children to the whole team. In this way the adults plan how to share parenting responsibilities in a way that works best for your children.
  • Provides a viewpoint through the eyes of your child in the process of building parenting plans. This allows your child’s voice to be heard without placing the child in the middle, which can result in feelings of divided loyalty.
  • Advocates for the children and ensures that each child has a safe, private place where they can ask questions, address problems and share feelings about the divorce.
  • Provides vital information about the age-appropriate needs of children generally and about your children specifically so that “you know what you need to know” to craft a parenting plan that meets the needs of your children and is more likely to be successful over the long run.
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