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What is a Collaborative lawyer?

Collaborative lawyers help you and your spouse get the best possible agreement entirely outside of the adversarial court system. All Collaborative team members (especially the lawyers) have additional training from the social sciences enabling them to provide a broader service.

While Collaborative lawyers handle all of the Court paperwork to convert your agreement into a divorce decree, they can never represent you or your spouse in court against the other party. Although your Collaborative lawyer represents only you, your lawyer never becomes the adversary of your spouse. The Collaborative lawyers will seek solutions that meet your needs and the needs of your spouse. Each Collaborative lawyer represents his or her own client, but they both work toward the same goal, helping you and your partner to achieve the best outcome possible. Collaborative lawyers work individually with their clients to prepare for effective participation in the Collaborative process. This work can include helping you to clarify your needs and priorities before bringing that information to the table for discussion. The work of sharing information, developing options and arriving at solutions, however, is done in a series of joint meetings, called Four-Way Meetings because they include your spouse and his or her Collaborative lawyer. Collaborative lawyers may confer with each other before meetings to make sure the meeting is productive, but they never negotiate without you both being present and actively participating in the discussion.
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