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How do I know if the Collaborative Process is right for me?

Are you willing to look through this difficult time and focus on a more promising tomorrow? Do you want to make the best of this difficult transition? Collaborative participants take a long term view of their future. They seek to:
  • Minimize the damage done by their divorce
  • Examine the other person's side of the dispute
  • Solve problems and communicate respectfully
  • Allow their Collaborative lawyer to build bridges with the other participant
  • Focus on their child(ren) and the best interests of the child(ren)
  • Seek to build healthy, effective co-parenting relationships
  • Be honest and willing to disclose even the difficult facts/things they would rather not acknowledge
  • Be willing to try new ways make a better life going forward
You'll like this approach if you place a high a value on how you go about restructuring your family.
Do you want a healthy transition or just a settlement?
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