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What does a Collaborative team look like?

A Collaborative team is the combination of professionals that you choose to work with to resolve your dispute. It is flexible. It can be simply you and your Collaborative lawyers, but it can include other professionals when necessary. In addition to your Collaborative lawyers, you can choose to include neutral professionals to assist you and your lawyer with specialized skills such as financial planning, business valuation, appraisers, counselors who facilitate communication, a child specialist or any other specialists you and your spouse believe would be helpful. All specialists are neutral and are engaged by the Collaborative team. All Collaborative team members sign the same participation agreement. Together the Collaborative team will guide and support you as problem-solvers, not as adversaries. The following links provide more information about the role of each possible Collaborative team member.

What is a Collaborative lawyer?

What is the role of the Counselor/Communication Specialist?

What is the role of the Financial Specialist?

What is the role of the Child Specialist?

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