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What is the role of the Counselor/Communication Specialist?

As a fully functioning member of the Collaborative team the Counselor/Communication Specialist provides a broad range of support to help you move constructively through your divorce bringing a professional family dynamics perspective and skill that only a mental health professional can offer. (You may see this professional identified as a coach in some resources.) He or she promotes respectful communication between the participants, prevents further emotional harm from occurring where possible and helps you communicate even when you are angry and stuck. The Counselor/Communication Specialist is a neutral, fair witness who not aligned with either party, and does not provide traditional therapy or counseling.
  • A licensed professional counselor specially trained in collaborative process.
  • Uses proven methods to help participants separate their past from their new future and transition from their former roles as husband or wife to new roles as mother or father.
  • Helps you focus on your vision of a better tomorrow during an overwhelming time in your life.
  • Assists you in creative problem solving by generating new and different ideas.
  • Provides short-term solution focused services such as managing strong feelings, teaching stress management, helping you build new communication skills and identifying and addressing parenting concerns.
  • Aids in the healing process by helping you apply your new skill set during the divorce transition and improve your self confidence.
  • Helps ensure that both partner's needs, concerns and feelings are expressed in constructive ways.
The Counselor/Communication Specialist is proactive - he or she will stay in regular contact with you throughout the divorce process and help problems from getting too big before they are addressed. If it turns out that Counselor/Communication Specialist is not needed, or that their work is completed quickly, they can step into the background remaining available if and when they are needed.
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