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Most persons begin by contacting a Collaborative lawyer in this area. You will find a list on our web site of all the lawyers in this area who have this additional specialized training. If you live in a different locale you may wish to visit the web site for the International Academy of Collaborative Lawyers at or the Collaborative Professionals of Washington at or the Spokane practice group of Collaborative Lawyers at Once you have narrowed your search to those lawyers who seem like potential choices, you should interview several of them before deciding who will be the best fit for your own needs. You might consider whether it is important to work with a man or woman and might want someone who will complement your own personality. If you are not sure about your preference or style, you may want to start with a counselor/communication specialist or mental health professional who can help you understand what matters most to you. All of the resources listed above also contain contact information for mental health professionals and financial professionals with additional Collaborative training.
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