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How does the Collaborative Process actually work step by step?

The decision about separation or divorce is best made in consultation with a lawyer trained in all possible avenues. When you decide on a Collaborative Process divorce, you each hire an independent Collaborative lawyer and meet privately. Everyone agrees in writing to use all their energy to produce a respectful settlement instead of going to go to court. Next everyone meets in face-to-face talks. These meetings are a series of creative problem solving sessions intended to identify what is most important to both of you. We start by gathering information, then identify interests and build a consensus among everyone, then develop solution options, and finally decide upon a resolution that takes into account everyone's underlying interests. Additional professionals, such as communications specialists, child specialists and financial specialists, may join the process. All meetings are intended to produce an honest exchange of information and clear understanding about everyone's needs and expectations, especially concerning the well-being of children. Once an agreement is reached, the attorneys work together to make sure everything is included and to prepare any final documents for the judge to sign.
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